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     Sights and Finds

This RV access driveway was equipped with an underground weeping system to keep the soil moist so the grass would stay rich and hearty.

Truly a private oasis with a water slide and small grotto.

With an outdoor natural gas fire pit.

This beautiful home has it all, accept for a fence around the pool.

What sometimes looks like could be a major issue is often found to be nothing at all. Like this spot on the bottom of the wall looked like a moisture issue cover up but instead, turned out to be cosmetic damage only. 

We check for proper slope of the side and adjacent yards for water drainage away from the structure.

Typical service panel installation with circuits labeled clearly, not over-loaded and no openings.

Driveway seams at the garage floor are great indicators of the lot condition, settlement or movement.

This roof shows signs of prior leakage. This posed no real issue since the roof had recently been replace remedying the problem.

Crawl space ventilation is something most people overlook. It's important that the screen isn't damaged to the point of allowing rodents and pests free access into the home.

Here we found two issues. One being the drainage flashing improperly installed, causing damage to the exterior finish that will eventually work its way into the structure. The other, a damaged roof tile which allows for birds and pests to burrow in and take up residence.

Thorough inspection of fireplaces are part of the process and we always recommend you call your local fire authority to inspect it as well. This is usually a free service they provide.

This is a perfect illustration of why it's important to have the attic inspected. This is a splicing done when the client had a ceiling fan installed. All wire connections are required to be in a junction box. Otherwise, serious shock and fire hazards may exist like they did here.

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