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 Danny Swanson worked in the commercial inspection industry for 10 years with a small company in Anaheim. He is a family man who was married in May, 2010 and was blessed with his first child in November, 2011. 

Just as his offer on a home was accepted, and with a baby about to arrive in three months, the recession took it's toll on the company Danny worked for. He found himself being laid off. He was the most recently hired employee, (10 years earlier).

Realizing security in a company was a false hope, Danny decided to open Swanson Home Inspections and continue his career on his own, focusing only on the residential market where he gets to help people first hand in an area most are very nervous and unsure. Since then, he has never looked back!

Honesty, integrity and inspecting every clients home as if it were his own family's home is what has built his reputation The pictures below of his wife, daughter and new baby boy show his life's inspiration and motivation. With the unexpected early arrival of their baby boy in July, it's safe to say that Swanson Home Inspections is growing!!!


First Easter in 2012


3rd Birthday w/

my wife, Angela

Baby Jase #2 arrived

July 22nd, 2015

Well, his middle name is Charles...

Here's a cute video of Addison with a Tic Tac stuck in her nose. America's Funniest Home Videos aired this in their, Jan. 11th, 2015, Season 25, Episode 10 show.

Still to this day, she and her brother ask for a TicTac every time we get in the car.

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