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Scheduling An Inspection With One Call

Your offer was accepted. CONGRATULATIONS!! ...What now? Oh, the inspection! Calling the inspection company seems like the logical thing to do next, right? Actually, no...

Follow these tips to help make the scheduling process as quick and enjoyable as possible.

Step 1,
Ask the listing agent to give you a list of different dates the sellers would be able to vacate the property for a home inspection. In some cases, it's easier to get a list of dates they cannot vacate. Depending on the size of the house, they should plan on being away around 3 hours.

Step 2,

Ask your agent, (or if you are the agent, ask your buyer) which of those dates can work with their schedule.

Step 3,

Call the inspector with the available dates all parties can agree on and find out which of those days are  available to perform the inspection.

Doing this will make for a much more enjoyable scheduling process for you and help ensure you get your inspection set on the 1st phone call.

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